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The Global Crises proved me that there is something wrong in the Economy idea. Please, read what I offer below:
Equalization of the money globally, monthly is needed as the money equality will make people be divided on how they use their money.
From another hand, we all are born equal and we deserve to have an equal base for life always. So I have come to the Idea for Equalization of the money in the banks monthly, globally.
That can be done very smoothly and secure if the money is separate on:
That above is needed so the companies to be able to fail and that not to influence the people and their money.
If you wonder how we will buy a car or a house — there will be fonds for that where you can invest part of your monthly money for the purchase you want or need
After Equalizing the money- globally, monthly(crypto can help the logistics) we will need:
  1. 1. Marketing/Stock Exchange Concept;
  2. 2. Educational Concept;
  3. 3. Behavior&Health Concept;
  4. 4. Media/MEDIUM Concept;
I have ideas for all 4 of them but the question is how to make all to hear me…
Please, read and consider my idea for one better world.